YouTube Deletes The Doctor of Common Sense

If you go to The Doctor of Common Sense’s YouTube channel, this is the message you’ll find.

“This account has been terminated for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”

This is because E.T. Williams, better known as the Doctor of Common Sense, had his account terminated – or as Williams himself put it: “YouTube took the whole damn station down!”

Williams is known for his entertaining political commentary and “unfiltered truths.” He talks about top news stories and tackles issues with an honesty “guaranteed to both annoy and confound the faint-hearted, the sensitive and the liberal.”

Apparently, Williams did just that, since YouTube took his popular channel down.

“I’m starting to think YouTube is racist toward black, Christian, conservative men,” Williams said.

The following was uploaded to Williams’s other channel called Thetruthdamit, and he explains why his popular channel was removed.

“The Doctor Of Common Sense Channel Has Been Terminated By Youtube For Speaking The Truth”